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Atto VERTICALE is an eccentric concept by Masera Design born from a unique idea, a wrist watch with a mechanical hand wound movement assembled on an anodized aluminum case. The classic movement matches perfectly with a fresh and colorful watch case and strap. In between two sapphire crystals the movement floats giving the watch a powerful and distinctive personality.

Colored, refined and stylish, the unconventional design with interchangeable straps, shows itself as a dynamic act in vertical movement.

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I wind it my self

Free thought about the hand wound

One may imagine the hand-wound watch as a obsolete object, but it is not. Of course, this is not an antique model but a forefront clock. Atto VERTICALE is the proof: a colored and innovative hand-wound watch which faces the current trend.

In the hyper-connection era, those who are refusing to follow the technological trend, people who are self-willed and think independently: non-conformist those are the people that could be wearing a hand-wound watch.

Beginning the day by winding your watch is a ritual of few seconds that provides the watch with a necessary supply of time, it could be said that you are creating the time. Military submarines choose hand wound watch for the most trustworthy time. In fact , it is customary for the eldest naval officer to be given the task of winding them up at the same time every day.

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